indian cow with calf जय गौमाता तपोवन नंदीग्राम ऐवं तपोवन आश्रम वार्ड नं. 20 (जलोली) पंचकुला topovana banner जय गौमाता दान नहीं सहयोग करें पानी की छोटी बूंदो से मिलकर सागर बनता है , इसलिए अपनी ताकत को पहचानो
indian cow with calf

All About Tapovana

Tapovana is all about cow and panchgavya cow products, Pure Milk, Pure Ghee and Importance of Hinduism, Vedas, Geeta ands Shastra with scientific evidences.

People should know all about the power of cow and its pure Milk. Gaushala is a transparent concept at Tapovana and each member is allowed to participate in any of the activities in Gaushala that is to feeding cow etc..

Tapovana also keep Aacharyas to guide people on pure Karam kaands, and spritualism about all vedas and shastra, Aacharyas helps members to solve the daily problems and issues. 

Tapovana also provides Gurukul and ashrams to stay for the members. In Tapovana Ashrams anyone can stay, meditate and accompany aacharayas for furture guidence.

We need Blessings of :

Tapovana Card

Why Take Tapovana Card membership?

Tapovana Card includes many benefits to the card holders, which all will be free of cost of them, But how much benefit you can get from card depends on your monthly membership which is of minimum Rs 500/- and can go maximum at any limit, in return of this all the benefits from Tapovana card are listed below.

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