Gaushala Working Style

Working style of Gaushala

Tapovana upon donations

Accepting donations is a humble approach, how much small or little it can be, and we don’t mind accepting it.

But we divide it into two like Sampooran Daan means nothing is returned to donor as we take care of stray cows and second is Dugd (milk) Daan in which we return upto 50% of value of fodder donated by some one to milking cows

In Dugh daan by feeding milking cows and getting the cost of milk down to 50% is a win win situation for both donor and Tapovana.

Milk and ghee of Deshi cow like Gir/ Sahiwal has the quality of Gold and a boon for human kind. It’s a solution to hundreds of health issues especially heart problems and diabetes which have been caused by consumption of spurious and poisonous white milk which people are consuming on daily basis.

Basic membership of Gaushala @ Rs.500/- per month with feature of complimentary returns of Satwik house hold products like phenyl, hand wash, dhoop made from ghee/ cow dung boosts sale of Gomutra and Gomaya indirectly . It helps to get constant donations again with win win position for both donor and Gaushala.

We are different because not only we try to provide milk/ ghee of Indian Desi cow and fume your house with Complementary satwik products but provide you services of most competent Acharyas at the cost of Gaushala who are well versed with our Geeta ji or other Vedas and in Karm Kand as per Vedic traditions.

Gaushala also takes another step forward in providing solutions for your mental or matrimonial issues with the help of Acharyas, try to add good value system in children teaching them Geeta ji, provide conducive political environment sensitive towards Hindu sentiments and act like a legal luminary for addressing your many issues in our court of law especially Consumer Fora.