Our Most Prime Members, our Partners, our Mentors who will be the most beneficiary for Tapovana will be our Trustee Members, They will Invest, Take Care of their investments, and will be the most active participants of all the working and handling in each and every sector of Tapovana.
These members are our Trustee in which whole Tapovana Family will Trust and learn from these Mentors.

How to Become a Trustee Member at Tapovana ?

Trustee will become member by investing some decent amount on Tapovana for its extension and welfare. Trustees will help in purchase of Equipment’s or material to construct Gaushala and also help in purchase of cows. Investment by Trustee for Particular sector at Tapovana can be monitor by Trustee himself, whether the investment utilization is proper, What all requirements are required in that Particular sector, Trustee will have right to speech and can give suggestions on that , Trustee can take decisions and apply or administer his decision on that particular sector of Tapovana, Trustee will be the most powerful member of Tapovana and can control many of the activities of Tapovana and will lead many of the Tapovana activity. In short he will be the head of Tapovana Family.

Trustee Benefits

What all benefits in return Trustee will get back from Tapovana Family ?


1. Will get paid minimum 12% Interest on his Investment

As a monetary benefit Trustee will be paid minimum 12% of his investment by which he can get Free Milk/Ghee for his family, For his whole life and will continue to get these services after his life for his family by Tapovana. Quantity of milk or ghee which a trustee gets at first instance will not be affected by subsequent increase in rates of milk by Gaushala Management.

prime card holder member

2. Prime Card Holder Member

Trustee will be a holy soly head of Tapovana Family, he can use all the facilities free of cost mentioned in Tapovana Card Member benefits page in this website. Trustee is the one who can get immediate benefits of Gaushalas, Ashrams, Aacharayas and from all other sectors of Tapovana

Can attain all services on Prior Basis

3. Can attain all services on Prior Basis

Trustee can attain all services on Prior basis whether it is Free Accomodations, at Tapovana Aashrams wherever in India in Cottages or rooms reserved for trustees. Feeding or taking care of Cows and their shelters, Can visit any of the property of Tapovana at any time and can avail any services free of cost.

4. Rate to Rate Discounts on all Tapovana Products

The products manufactured by Tapovana can be purchase by Trustee with Rate to Rate Discounts, whether these are Panchgavya porducts manufactured by Gaushala or can take benefits of these discounted rates on the products like Milk and Ghee too. Trustee can offer these products to their guests also to share the quality and purity of Gaushala at Tapovana.

Can attend board of meetings and give suggestions

5. Can attend board of meetings and give suggestions

For any meetings and issues to be discussed Trustee are always be invited to the board of meetings and can participate, give suggestions on improvement of functionality of Tapovana in any sector. By this he can become powerful and active Trustee members and will get opportunities to meet Leaders, Scientists and other celebrities which are linked up with Tapovana Family.

Digital Identification

6. Digital Identification

Trustee will get digital identification through Tapovana Website and online Video Channel, He can issues his blogs, give lectures and can explain his efforts towards Tapovana through its videos, He can publish video or blog content anytime in Tapovana Website and can increase his followers for his strong identification. Which will help in his business or in his services he is linked up.

appoint staff

7. Power to Appoint Aacharayas and other staff

Trustee can take interviews to appoint Tapovana Staff, Whether these are aacharayas or any other staff, He will be having full authority to select or reject staff at time of interview. Trustee can suggest and can take decisions on how much manpower required at which sector and how the staff can get more benefits. By this Trustee will increase his confidence among Tapovana Family and Staff members.

organize event

8. Can organize events and competitions

Trustee in his or any area can organize any kind of event or competition on behalf of Tapovana and their he will be having full authority to handle each and every sector of that event. By managing these all events and competitions he will also get monetary benefits on behalf of Tapovana as decided.