Tapovana Card Benefits

Card Benefits

Tapovana benefits

Tapovana Card includes many benefits to the card holders, which all will be free of cost of them, But how much benefit you can get from card depends on your monthly membership which is of minimum Rs 500/- and can go maximum at any limit, in return of this all the benefits from Tapovana card are listed below.

Gaushala Member

Gaushala Member

As you hold this card in Gaushala you will be welcomed by Aacharaya and other staff, who will greet you with Lassi as welcome drink. Gaushala will be maintaining your complete record of every visit and further donations.

Feed the Cows

Member can Feed the Cows of same amount worth his monthly membership and will also get Satwik Panchgavya products Complimentary to the same value of card.
These free Satwik household products will help you physically and spiritually, These products include PANCHGAVYA Phenyl, Hand-wash, toilet-cleaner, ash for dishwasher, dhoop etc

feed the cows
ashram stay


Member is entitled for day or night Accommodations at Tapovana Aashrams. Tapovana Aashrams are best place to stay for mental peace and are also known as for their healthy daily routine, Tapovana Card Holder Members can visit these Ashrams anytime in a year subject to availability to Relax, Meditate, Yoga and accompany the famous Aacharays to get best Spritual teachings.

Free Services

Card holders get Free services of aacharays, they can avail free hawan at their home in some events like Birthdays or Anniversaries. From Aacharayas you can get in daily touch with your Problems to get solutions, they will also help the card holders to do Free karamkands in their homes and even at the time of last journey that is cremenations aacharayas will help them to perform every activity and karamkand with all pure material with free of cost.

file the complaint

Free filing of complainant

This Card will also helps its members to file the complaint at consumer court and solve the case on behalf of its members which include education, banks, insurance etc. Hence this card will give power to it’s members which he can avail free of cost.

Pure Milk and Ghee

Members at anytime can take milk and ghee from Gaushala or can be avail these products at their home with minimum cost and maximum Pure which will give members infinite benefits for their health. by using this A2 Milk which is from Tapovana Gaushalas will cure members from many disease and provide them physical and mental benefits.

pure milk and ghee

Ideology connection

Tapovana will help the card holder members to get benefit from the team of Tapovana members to join you with the great ideology of life, which will help to know their culture, Vedic science, and concepts of sprituality and body fitness, which will take care of there family members including children with daily participation on quiz and competitions. By which they will know the power of Indian History with scientific evidence.

Gaushala & Ashram Funcations

Members are welcome to function in Gaushala and Ashram as volunteers for sake of fulfillment of their devotion to holy cow and transparency.

gaushala volunteers