Tapovan Aacharya

तपोवन आचार्य


01.Incharge Gaushala

He will be responsible for the purity and authenticity of milk and ghee at Gaushala, ensure that cows are taken care of properly and perform daily Yagya at Gaushala.

02. Incharge Ashram

He will look after the activities at Ashram, perform daily Yagyas at Ashram, take care of food and boarding of Visitors at Ashram.

03. Incharge Gurukul

He will  be responsible for preparing  future young Tapasvii  mostly brahmchari at Gurukul who will be trained by Acharya not only in  Astra but also in Shastra as self defence like our Gods/ Goddesses’ who all used to have Shastras.

04. Solving Daily Problems 

Anyone can share their daily problems with aacharayas to solve and get positive solutions. The solutions which make life easy and are based on Scientific evidence.

05. Geeta Updesh

Bhagwad Geeta is the Most Important to understand in todays word, by which one can make his live easy and full of happiness. Our Aacharyas will share Daily Updesh on Geeta to make your life Stress Free, Teach Children of Family about Geeta and will help them to recite Geeta Shaloks.

06. Shudh Karamkaands

The Purity, Legislation and with complete rituals are missing in todays world, Our Aacharyas will help them to do in right time in right way and with all right materials by using Shudh Desi Ghee etc. Aacharays will help in Birth Ceremonies, Marriage Ceremonies as well as in Criminations which is last journey of soul and should be done with all shudh material. 

07. Promote Desi Cow

To know Importance of Desi Cow and milk , which are like Amrit for our body and can cure  us with many of the disease. Inform about  Panchgavya products and how Desi Cow is vardaan to us will be explain by our Aacharyas.

08. Perform Yagya

Performing yagya and its scientific benefits are all explained by our Aacharayas, How we will get benefits by performing shudh hawana or yagya, How the cow dungs, pure desi cow ghee and Hawan Samagri helps , this all will be well explained by Aacharayas.

09. Supervise Food

Our Acharayas will supervise and take care of quality of food being prepared in  Aashrams and Gaushala.

10. Digital Video and Lectures

Our Aacharyas will conduct digital lectures in daily basis and get in touch with our members through digital WhatsApp Groups, Blogs, youTube Channels and other means of social media like Facebook, Instagram etc..