Our Aim

our aims

To Protect Gomata and Brahmins in order Hindu Culture

our aim

produce pure Indian breeds cow

Aim to produce pure breeds of Indian cows like Sahiwal and Gir and use their healthy A2 milk and Ghee to cure many heart and bodily deceases. Also adopt policy of Dugd Daan means Milk against Chara ( fodder).

our aim

Discourage other animals milk

Discourage use of other animals milk especially Jersy cow which is instead poisonous milk and source of so many deceases including diabetes

our aim

Promote Gurukul

Promote Gurukul to produce High Quality Acharya so as to spread knowledge of Gita ji and Vedas, which is at very low level in Hindus especially in youth.

our aim

daily Yagya

Perform daily Yagya at Gaushala and encourage people in performing routine Karm kand as per vedic traditions through Acharyas.

our aim

Ensure political leadership

Ensure political leadership respect Hindu sentiments and hence encourage people to vote unitedly through their respective Acharya .